Online Resonance

This day is fully and exclusively about you. It is a day to help shift your perspective, realign your heart, mind and body and help you drop into your most authentic, powerhouse self.

How does a 1-Day Resonance Retreat Work?

We will connect online for two hours in the morning, and two hours in the afternoon. We will start the day by checking in with where you are at in the one thing in your life that you want to realign the most. We will together identify the beliefs, people and situations that no longer serve you and dream up a vision of what you long to live personally or in your business.

We will then set out to shift your energetic alignment and help you reconnect to your deep inner power through a transformative meditation.

We will close out the morning with a session of gentle stretching to allow to release any remaining tension and prepare your body – mind and soul to step into its high-performance mode.

After a nurturing lunch and resting time that you will receive guidance on preparing, we will spend the afternoon designing a roadmap for the next weeks and months to achieve lasting change. We will bring the day to completion with a conscious breathing meditation that helps integrate all the beautiful, inspiring change you have created during the day.

Is the Resonance Retreat right for me?

If you want to have an energetic reset, raise your vibrations and tackle what you want to change in your life from a whole different perspective then this is the day for you!

  • You will go into heart, well beyond problem solving from the mind.
  • You will let go of unconscious patterns.
  • And you will come away from the day feeling renewed and on a new path.

We will also share a lot of fun and laughs one on one, as smiles are the best possible muscle training!

Prepare to bring out the magic from within.

How much does the private Resonance Retreat with Eve cost?

Your investment is 399 euros for this personalized one-on-one retreat.

Resonance Retreat Program By Eve Stoyan

What can I take with me from this day?

To keep you grooving and vibing you will come away from the day with a recorded guided meditation and a personalized Spiral of Change Roadmap for creating instant change over the next few weeks. You will be all set to step into your everyday and let your deep inner power transform your life.