Guide to Intelligent Change: 7 Steps to Lasting Transformation

Guide to Intelligent Change: 7 Steps to Lasting Transformation

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Do you feel fully, unapologetically alive? Whether you make every day count or barely make it from one to the next right now, the life you are living is your true legacy. To inspire you to move from good to amazing, I want to invite you to the Spiral of Change – 7 simple steps to changing your life to how you want it to be.

Transformation is a muscle, a deep wiring in our brain. To the untrained eye lasting change might seem a matter of chance or circumstances – yet the people who keep outperforming themselves in terms of satisfaction, happiness and purpose have all learned to fuel transformation in their life and have acquired the ability of creating a connected, nourishing, fulfilling life.

A life lived from your essence, that is full of powerful transformation, deep, nurturing relationships, heart centered decision-making and continuous personal evolution is absolutely within reach. Throughout the last decade, my clients and I have distilled a tried and tested path so that you can move forward faster and with ease. The Spiral of Change has 7 levels that you can grow through, one after the other, repeating the spiral as often as you need in life to keep updating the resulting blueprint. This is your moment to embrace your deep personal power and step into your mastery. Are you ready?

Level 1

Remember why you started.

Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep belly breath, relax your jaw, and drop your shoulders. Think back to the moment you decided to take the path you are on. The moment you said “that’s it” and moved into action mode. What was it that drove you? What deep, inner desire was fueling your decision?

Some excellent ways to help connect to your original “why” are writing it all out on a piece of paper, doing a silent meditation, drawing a hot bath…create a bubble for yourself that allows you to connect to it in peace. What qualities were present when you took the initial decision, that made you feel in your element? Are those qualities still there? Do they still fill you with excitement the way they used to?

Level 2

Grow, don’t go.

How often have you felt the urge to step out of your current situation? To just pick up and leave. As wild as it may sound, leaving always is an option. Sometimes, if a situation is harmful to you or to the people depending on you, leaving is a good first option.

More often than not though, what you are dealing with has a hidden growth potential to it. As the saying goes, the same thing that got you this far is what is preventing you from getting to where you want to be. The changes you need to make are probably already hiding in plain sight, snuggled up in your personal blind spot.

In every life-learning there comes a moment when you have a strategic inflexion point. You can decide to change nothing, to dissociate mentally and emotionally from your current struggle, or you can commit to growth. Committing to becoming whoever it takes to get the job done is half the journey completed.

Level 3

Speak power to your truth.

Each and every day of our lives we spend more time listening to our internal dialogue than to anything else. In large part, it is our internal dialogue that shapes our feelings, our attitude, decisions and actions. For change to happen you first have to be brutally honest with yourself about where you are starting out from. And that where is not just your conscious perception but the stories you un-admittedly tell yourself and others throughout the day. Every. Single. Day.

Once you committed to change in your life it is imperative that you empower that change by being conscious of how you verbalize who you are and where you are headed. Those around you, and you yourself too, will support and embrace change by how you refer to it. Observe your inner dialogue and how you communicate with those closest to you about yourself.

People like dreams. How you speak of your current truth, your current situation, all that is already there for you in it, and about your dreams and goals, will determine whether or not they will want to be a part of making it happen. Build a strong team of support by being a good captain, first and foremost to yourself.

Level 4

The story you never tell.

We humans are story tellers. We spend our days sharing stories. We communicate with others through stories, allowing them to get a feel for who we are and where we are coming from.

There is only one story most of us never tell. The story of abundant agency in our lives today. If you were to write up a list of things that are working quite well in your life today, what would make its way onto that list?

Your past achievements, the resistance muscle you grew by fighting your way through challenges, all the life experience you gathered along the way – are all your very personal resources that will help propel you through change, and turn it into structured growth. Identify the skills you gathered and jot it down on paper. That is the story you need to be telling every single day. First, and foremost – to yourself.

Level 5

Taming your wild.

True, lasting change happens when you start living connected to your essence.

Just like taming a wild animal, creating a bond to your deepest essence is not the matter of a decision. It requires committed craftmanship, showing up every day through small things, small but nurturing routines that power your process of change. It requires establishing an open communication channel with your heart, your actual desires, your hopes – going beyond trying and wishful thinking.

I cannot promise you that you will, from one day to the other, forget the deep-seated conditioning of what you believe is expected of you… but I can promise that through loving rituals, everyday acts that awaken your soul and activate your sense of purpose you will eventually have that communication line to your essence wide open. Keep showing up for yourself in small ways, every single day.

Level 6

Unleash your inner visionary.

Change requires structured growth. Ideas, concepts, drives, resources that were not there before need to be identified and put in place. People who can be affected by it, or whose help is necessary, need to come on board. Adjustments must be made as you go along the road, adapting your effort and your methods to an ever-changing reality.

Going into change is like setting up a new business, or planning a family trip. It may first look like utter chaos. But in reality, you have all the resources, ideas, dreams, wishes, people, and purpose in place to make it great – if you navigate smartly for contingencies. Unleashing your inner visionary is all about leading that process for yourself and others to let all the elements fall into place.

The change you long for so much has lived inside you for a while now. Trust all that you have been building on so far, and the intuitive knowledge of who you are, and unleash it.

Level 7

Cosmic miracles happen to those who believe in them.

This quote was the line on a little jewelry box I was gifted as a kid. If I look back across time through my own experience and of those I have worked with, there was always an invisible helping hand, guiding the way. Regardless of your belief system, whether you call it faith, fate or flow, if you look back through your life you will identify the moments where strategic decisions were taken well, where mind-blowing opportunities showed up out of nowhere.

Success in 20% effort and 80% conscious creation. Once you have embraced your true desire for change, have adjusted your communication to yourself and others about it and designed a heart centered, essence filled path, you’re done with the 20%.

The rest is finding your way into the flow, finding that sacred rhythm, that way of going about your day, that dance of the unconscious that allows you to enjoy watching your dreams unfold. We are all connected to the collective unconscious that has knowledge and answers beyond our own. Meditation, intuition, faith are all pathways to the same source, the same origin of our higher self.

The Spiral of Change is a tool. It has been created to accompany you in a moment when your soul longs for change and you are ready to return to source, to connect to your essence and live a heart centered life.

You can use its levels to help reflect, to initiate deep, meaningful conversations with those around you about each and every layer of that blueprint you need for true, lasting change to happen. The spiral is a shape present in shells, in our inner ears and in the outer reaches of the galaxy. It is as adaptable as versatile. Use it to grow, change and become the person you have always longed to be.