Life cracks you open, so that your deepest power can shine through and heal every aspect of your story.”

Hello, I’m Eve

About Eve Stoyan Life Coach

A life coach and entrepreneur with a deep calling to help you design a life that makes you feel unapologetically alive.

I was born in Hungary, behind the iron curtain, and have dedicated the past two decades to migrating across different countries and serving thousands in becoming a wholehearted, vibrant version of themselves.

If any of this resonates with you, together we can create a step forward in your personal story

– you give your all at work or nurturing your family, and yet keep feeling there’s something missing. I will give you a roadmap to designing a wholehearted, vibrant life.

– you care so much what others say that it holds you back from living your best life. I’ll help you discover and embrace your healthy boundaries and nurture deeply connected relationships with those that matter the most to you.

– and if you chip away at your unique, gifted personality to put others’ needs – your job included- first. We’ll together design rituals for soul, mind and body that will allow you to freely share with the world your abundant gifts while also being kind to yourself.

about me - eve stoyan

I was very fortunate to discover at just 25 that serving as a coach was my life’s calling. But from knowing to implementing there was an often hard, sometimes lonely path that took me across three different cultures. Ever since a child I was fierce at pursuing my deep inner drive and grew up with the belief that if you seek the greatest good for everyone involved, the universe will align to make it happen. There was one defining moment though that had me step into my destiny.

It was late at night that we got into the front-line seaside hotel in Barcelona on an impromptu road trip with my mother. We didn’t book any of the stays along the way and happily said yes, between two giggles, when the clerk at the front desk asked whether we would care to take the junior suite with the best views. It was the trip of a life time, after-all. I was between two corporate jobs, emotionally and mentally exhausted, having a few weeks off before starting at the new place.

The following morning, as we opened our eyes to the first rays of sun, looking out through the floor to ceiling glass wall from the bed all we saw was the sun rising above the sea. In that moment something clicked in me. I could feel the realization in my entire body that I don’t want to wait until I get old to live by the sea. I slowly turned over to my mom and said: within a year I will be living here.

about me - eve stoyan

In spite of having certified as a coach, knowing my passion and working with my first clients, I was still going from one corporate job to the other in Austria. Within a bit over a year from that life changing sunrise in Barcelona, I moved to Spain and started working for a company that teaches healing and consciousness around the world. Running global operations for them out of Los Angeles I got to travel the world and work with the most amazing people, coaching teams on nearly all continents to step into their creativity and become true change agents. Then in 2014, in the middle of a very painful separation and just after a near burnout I realized that my teaching will only ever be truly authentic if I embody a wholehearted way of living in body, mind and spirit. And so, I went ahead and started what would become a unique holistic wellness studio concept on the beautiful island of Mallorca, accompanying thousands of people to embrace their physical – mental and emotional strength.

I designed, and together with my best friend and a fantastic team, accompanied people on live TV at Canal4 through a holistic radical change program coaching mindset, healthy eating habits and physical change through high intensity training. I accompanied hundreds in finding a passion for their life through quirky, unexpected questions that brought them straight to their very personal drive. I have been speaking on radio and TV with outstanding hosts sharing my vision of living a heart centred, high frequency life.

I believe that when you live connected to your deepest inner drive and channel your unique creative gift into every interaction then you can live a life that fills your whole being to the brim, and then some.

I would love to learn more about you and find out how I can best accompany you on your journey to creating meaningful transformation in vital areas of your life. A great way to start creating together is for you to let me hop into your mailbox with my biweekly Reflections. You can sign up below, and if you ever want to let me know what you think about a specific topic, just hit reply – I’m reading you.

Thank you for taking the time to share this journey with me. I’m honored to be able to accompany you in stepping into your mastery and living a life that makes you feel excited about every waking day.

With all my heart,