Success Stories

Maria C.L. - Professional in the IT sector, Vienna

It was by far the most comprehensive, grounded & soul-oriented program I have ever experienced.

Since I started grown-up life, many years ago, there was a lot of struggle finding who I was and what I am “supposed” to do, I tried different therapists, spiritual coaches and holistic coaches, but I gave up, feeling each time, it was just not right for me, until we connected.

Overall, I found your program to be extremely enriching, individual oriented, a journey of self-discovery, enjoyment and empowerment. 

You attended my rational / critical part, by leading perfectly the direction & frame of our sessions which in many of my previous experiences, did not happen; but also, my emotional side, by truly listening to my present feelings and tuning in.

I found this mixture of frame, direction and ability to adapt to more sensitive needs extremely powerful and skillful. I felt fully understood, guided and I felt the strength and energy in front of me which created a safe and joyful space to express and explore.

I loved your questions, sometimes very hard to answer, a very powerful tool to discover the true wants and expression of one self. I loved the vivid interactions, the structure and that every session was leading somewhere, had a call to action, resulted in concrete steps. This obviously takes mastering the technique but also very specific preparation, as no person is the same; takes listening and truly understanding what should the next step be, and building the appropriate strategy for that.

So, THANK YOU MASSIVELY and DEEPLY for your gift of transformation, I will never forget this journey!

Maria C.L.
Professional in the IT sector, Vienna

Maria C.L - eve stoyan client
che me - evelyn stoyan client

Ché M. - Writer, Mallorca

Without wanting to sound dramatic, I had completely evolved over the 10-week period. My entire perception of myself had shifted, my confidence had grown massively, and I was happier in my skin. The end of 2019 brought some significant challenges and changes into my life, which I believe Evelyn helped me meet head on, using a variety of tools.

These sessions culminated with me creating my own ‘Soul Plan’, which is similar to a business plan, but for your life. It is almost a roadmap which highlights where you are, and where you will be in the future utilizing all of your resources and strengths. It helps you visualize and internalize your higher aims, whilst emphasizing your achievements and how far you have progressed to date. I have read this document multiple times since I finished the program, and it never ceases to spark motivation and gratitude. As a living document I also tweak aspects as required, depending on the different twists and turns life presents.

6-months later reflecting on my 10-week journey I am shocked and pleased to say I have continued my healthy lifestyle (even through lock-down) and shed an additional 3kg effortlessly. I have kept working on my goals, both personal and professional, focusing relentlessly on my ambitions and acting decisively toward them. Contemplating, articulating and writing down my reality and what I want from life with Evelyn really put the wheels in motion and set the direction for my future. I can honestly say I am currently at a place in life where I have never felt more empowered and surer of myself.

Ché M.
Writer, Mallorca

Jennifer M. - Private concierge and artist, worldwide

I met Evelyn some years ago and immediately felt a kinship. From the moment we first spoke we fell into deep conversation. I was going through a very difficult time in my life and I knew and felt I could open up to her and it would be a safe space. Her kind words and wisdom helped me to reframe my situation and allowed me to see it in a broader spectrum. She was honest, open and empathetic. Evelyn is wonderful. What more can I say💕

Jennifer M.
Private concierge and artist, worldwide

jennifer - eve stoyan client
Lena Michals - Producer

Lena Michals - Producer, Los Angeles

“If you are lucky enough to be coached by Evelyn, you will be able to feel your best and find purpose and meaning at work, in life, and in all you do.

I had the privilege to work with Evelyn years ago, and I can tell you that she is an inspiration. She leads with confidence and is able to build up, inspire, and empower the people around her.

Because she went through a lot of ups and downs in her own personal life, she is able to really understand another human being and guide that person to clarity. She has that amazing talent of helping anyone free themselves from their personal obstacles and rise to a new level for a more meaningful and fulfilling life.”

Lena Michals 
Producer, Los Angeles